The Kids are Here!

Wedding at the golf courseSaturday: Bacon and eggs. Cycled to Walgreen’s to return the DVD. Vacuumed the house and cleaned up. Watched some golf on TV. Called the golf course and got a 3:45 tee time. We went golfing. We both played poorly (but still had fun). No one to pressure us. In fact, as we finished the ninth hole we watched as a wedding party was taking pictures on the driving range. Came home, showered, had leftover pizza for supper.

Went to Santan Village to stock up on wine and beer. Got a birthday card at Walmart. Went to Barnes & Noble to buy a book and some chocolates for Robert Dyck’s 60th birthday (Monday). Then we hurried to the airport to pick up our kids. They were just coming off the plane as Sue went in to meet them. We also met Larry and Lynn Petkau at the airport (going to Sedona for a week). We took the kids home and had a sandwich. Very excited. Them and us. Great to see them. Got some nice gifts from them, including golf shirts, golf balls, and a very interesting (Dr Seuss) card from them. All is right in the world! They were tired although they stayed up till 11 our time before we all went to bed.