Sunday with Tim & Alex

Sunday: We got up at around 7am. Alex got up soon after we had the coffee going. Tim got up a bit later. Tim had not really slept well, although he said it was NOT because it was too hot. Windows open, ceiling fans going, trying to keep it cool in here without the air conditioner.

After breakfast Sue and Alex went for a walk to the pool. Then at around 10:30 we went for a drive around Gold Canyon and then on down to the Mesa Swap Market. We walked around it once. Tim and Alex bought a wall hanging for their dining room which we’ll take home for them in the van.

We went home and had lunch at around 12:30. Then the boys sat down in front of the TV and watched golf (and Rudy had a nap). The girls sat outside and read. I woke up just in time to watch Tiger Woods win his first tournament in almost 3 years. I called the golf course and got a 4:15 tee time. Alex decided to go for a nap and not join us on the golf course. Sue opted out too. So Tim and I went by ourselves. We hit a bucket of balls on the range first. Tim was hitting the ball a mile.

At 4:15 we teed off on hole 1. It was slow going — the foursome ahead of us was very slow. But the temperature was not so hot, the wind was not at all, and the sun was behind the clouds — a perfect day for golf. And although we started off a bit rough, we made great progress and improved hole by hole. And we had a good time.

We got home at 7pm. Late. The girls were hungry. We had happy hour. Then I went out to light the barbecue. Out of propane! So we went to refill the tank. Salmon for supper. Very good. We sat in the living room and listened to iTunes and waited for dessert. At 10:30 Sue served us angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Tim and I had G&Ts for a nightcap. We visited until nearly 11:30 before we all went to bed. I left the windows open so we’ll get a cooling breeze in the house tonight.