Robert turns 60

Monday: Alex and I went to Basha’s to pick up pastries for breakfast. Then, after a bit of reading outside, Sue, Alex, and I went for a hike up Silly Mountain. Tim stayed back and checked out the golf course layout on the iPad maps app.


After lunch we read a bit more and then we went to Walgreens to rent a couple of movies for the kids tonight. Ed Peters called an we arranged a golf date for tomorrow afternoon. At 4pm Sue and I left for Goodyear, to celebrate Robert Dyck’s 60th birthday.

We had a bit of traffic on the way, but got there in time for happy hour. Reg, Bob, and Robert were still enthusiastically discussing their just-completed golf game. We had supper with the Penners, Schinkels, and Dycks. Bob and Dorothy are planning to drive home tomorrow. We’ll probably go back to Goodyear to golf with the Dycks and Penners a week from today.

We got home just after 11pm. The kids were watching their movies. They had barbecued sausages and had pasta for supper, with lots of snacks during the movies. We all went to bed around midnight.