Home again, home again, dancing a jig

Had our last breakfast in Gold Canyon with Dave and Marylou. Then we packed up our bikes, clubs, luggage, and headed west for Palm Desert. We stopped for fuel and lunch at Quartzite, just before the California border — gas is 50 cents cheaper in Arizona. We got to Palm Desert at around 1:30. Instead of going home, we decided to go downtown and see about a condo or home rental for March. Our first stop was a realty office not far from our place — and we were very encouraged after meeting with an agent. Our chances are much better now than they would have been a few months ago — she suggested that there may be homeowners who don’t have someone booked, or have a cancellation, and will be happy to rent it out now. We drove down a few blocks and checked with another country club — only to find the opposite situation — all booked, very expensive, not very optimistic about our chances. Oh well, we’ll see.

We went home and unpacked. It was hot in Palm Springs. Time for a cold beer. At 4:30 we headed to Cathedral City, to the cheap theatre, to see the movie “The Sessions”, for which Helen Hunt is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Good movie!

After the movie we stopped at a small Chinese restaurant and ordered take-out. We went home and had supper. Then some TV, including an HBO documentary.