Tuesday – housekeeping chores

Ladies with umbrellas golfing.
Ladies golf at our Chaparral Golf Club (photo taken from our patio)
After breakfast we cleaned up the house a bit. Vacuumed. Getting ready for our visitors. In the afternoon Sue went to sit at the pool for a couple of hours. She read her book on the Kindle. I worked on the computer — made a page for the SMC Echoes newsletter. At around 5pm we went shopping. First groceries. Then to Walmart to buy baby supplies — diapers, etc. Yep, getting ready for visitors. We got home at 7 and had supper. Then we watched an HBO movie, “Five Year Engagement”, starring Emily Blunt. It was on my ‘to rent’ list, so I was surprised and pleased to see it on HBO. The story is good, the actress is cute, and the soundtrack is AWESOME! Van Morrison’s songs are the main feature of the Five Year Engagement Soundtrack; quite a few of his songs are in the movie. And any movie that has Van Morrison songs is a good movie, no matter what the plot is. After the movie we watched Charlie Rose. Then off to bed.