Palm Desert Golf

Woke up at 6:00 — Sue asking ‘what’s that noise coming from your computer?’ Then just before 7:00 I hear it again. Must be my calendar alerting me to someone’s birthday or something like that. I get out of bed. Check the computer. No, it’s a missed call from Alex. I skype her: what’s up? She needs to know our address in order for them to select their  seats for tomorrow’s flight.

Today is our last day before our children arrive for a visit. That meant that Sue worked hard all morning, washing the sheets and cleaning the room for our guests. I put together a homemade ‘crib’ and assembled the jolly jumper we bought yesterday.

Breakfast was fresh mangos and yoghurt. The fruit here is so good. So was our morning coffee. Michelle, our real estate agent who is looking for a place for us for March, called. Has she got a deal for us! Suggests we go check out the neighbourhood up in Sun City. Okay, we’ll do that.

So shortly after lunch we got in the van and headed up to Sun City. Very impressive complex. Lovely clubhouse, and beautiful golf course. Well we’ll get back to her on that.

Sue golfing
Hope I don’t shank it into the water!
Sue lines up a golf drive.
Sue lines up a drive at Palm Desert Country Club.
Sue winding up the driver on the golf course.
Sue blasts another drive at Palm Desert Country Club.
Rudy with driver on the golf course.
Rudy had a lot of good drives at Palm Desert Country Club.
geese on the golf course
Geese at Palm Desert Country Club.
Golfing at Palm Desert Country Club.
Dusk at Palm Desert Country Club.

We had a 2:00 tee time at Palm Desert Golf Course, so we hurried down to the course. Got there half an hour early — but got on to the tees right away. Bonus. And the course was so nice. Wide fairways. Long holes. And no one behind us. And not too long waits for the foursome ahead of us. And I played so well. (I only wish I could have played like this when we golfed Mountain Brook with Driedgers on the weekend — this is more like my game these days.) Mostly good straight tee shots. Pretty good putting. We actually managed to finish all 18 holes — although it was getting dark at 5:30 and we had to hurry a bit. My final score was 50 on the front, 51 on the back nine. I didn’t break 100, but this is as close as I’ve gotten this year. And we had a lot of fun.

After golf we stopped at the Albertson’s corner. Sue shopped some more groceries while I took the flash drive to the print shop and printed out all of Sue’s February statements. Then home for supper. Sue whipped up a roasted chicken with asparagus and tomatoes. We watched the Daily Show and Colbert at 7, then our Redbox DVD, “Jeff Who Lives at Home”. Enjoyed the movie. Then a bit more TV while listening to the dishwasher. And then to bed. Gotta get up and out to the airport tomorrow morning.