Hot dogs, golf, and ribs

Saturday: No bacon and eggs today. Irmy phoned to wish me a happy birthday. I tried my best to finish book 3 of the “Hunger Games” trilogy — only got to 90% complete on my Kindle.

Alex sat outside in the morning. Sue went for a haircut. Tim and I sat inside and waited for the golf on TV to begin (at noon). Tim and Alex made whistle dogs for lunch. We ate out on the patio.

Tim and I went to the golf course for our 18 hole game at 1:37. The girls dropped us off and then went to the fruit market to buy a bit more fruit. Then they went home and did some prep for the supper today. At 3:30 they joined us at the golf course for the second nine.


I had 3 pars and at least one bogey on the front nine for a 51. Not quite as good on the back nine. But the hot sun was made bearable by a slight breeze. No golfers putting pressure on us. We had a very good last day of golfing with our kids. Good times. Tim shot a 91 on 18. I ended up with 51 and 58 for a 109. Okay.

Sat out on the patio for snacks and G&T’s and beers after the game. Then everyone (except Rudy) worked on preparing supper: ribs and macaroni and cheese a salad and stir-fried vegetables. Yummy.

We ended our last evening (of March, of our holiday with Tim and Alex) by sitting in front of the TV. Another perfect day in paradise!