Rudy turns 56

Friday: Six o’clock. Phone rings. Helga on the line. Did I wake you up? Good, because 56 years ago Rudy woke me up too. Happy Birthday to you. Dad on the line. Happy Birthday! Come home soon. Goodbye. Back to sleep.

Woke up for the second time at around 8. Happy Birthday all over again. French toast and bacon for breakfast. Sue gives me a card that says she likes to be alone together with me. Tim and Alex give me a nice card that shows me sleeping in front of the TV. Just like I do every night! And some peanut butter cups. And Oakleaf pens. And movies and supper tonight. Sue and Alex went for a bike ride and returned movies to Walgreen’s before lunch.

Open-faced sandwiches for lunch. Yummy. Got in the car to look for a Weber barbecue for the kids. Didn’t find a 4-burner model. Decided to go to the 2:30 showing of the hit movie “The Hunter Games”. Great movie. After the movie we drove down to Santan Village to check out the wine store. Dick’s for a hat for Tim — no luck with that. Then we drove back up into Mesa to “Vito’s Italian Pizzeria” for our 6:45 dinner reservation. We had great pizza, great atmosphere, great service. Drove back via Superstition Springs Mall — checked for cowboy hats at Target — nothing. Went to the Cold Stone Creamery on Signal Butte — and had delicious ice cream outside in the evening. A perfect end to the day.

Back at home we watched a bit of golf on TV until (what else?) I fell asleep. Went to bed early. The end of a perfect day!