The Imitation Game

I got up early and made coffee. The usual. Worked on my web project all morning, although I was distracted by CNN’s constant updates about the shootings in Paris (today they caught and killed 3 of the 4 killers). Susie Homemaker baked another big batch of ‘monster’ cookies.

I have a couple of blogs that show up in my daily morning newsfeed — and today one of them mentioned a new ‘top-secret’ food that will change everything. I’ve been enjoying ‘imitation’ crab for a few years now, although Sue only lets me buy it as a special treat. I think it tastes as good as ‘real’ crab. Well, if what this article says is true, I may one day switch to ‘imitation’ hamburgers!

After lunch we picked up Dave and Marylou and drove out to Superstition Springs on Power Road. We went to see the new movie “The Imitation Game” — it’s getting lots of good reviews and it’s one of the few movies that the Driedgers haven’t already seen. We left a little early because the last time the Driedgers had gone to see it there was a line-up and they couldn’t get in. Still, we figured we had plenty of time and so we stopped by Vans Golf Shop so I could look for a driver — I’ve been using Sue’s driver for the past month and Sue thinks I’m wrecking it. I found a couple of used clubs that Dave thought would work for me — we’ll see how that turns out next time we go golfing.

We were glad we got to the Harkins theater early because by the time the previews started pretty well all the seats were filled — mostly ‘seniors’ like us who can’t stay awake for an evening movie so we go to the matinees. The movie was good, although not riveting enough to keep the elderly couple sitting next to Sue (no, not the Driedgers — they were on the OTHER side) from snoring loudly through the last 20 minutes of the film.

After the movie we headed back into Apache Junction for supper. Dave suggested we go for what may be the best hamburgers in the valley at the Handlebar Pub & Grill, a nondescipt little building we’ve driven by many times, not far from Gold Canyon. The place was busy. No seats inside. We sat outside at the bar watching the cook flip burgers on the outdoor grill while we waited for a table to open up inside. After about half an hour we took our drinks inside and ordered our meals. Nine ounce hamburgers, the ‘real’ kind. Craft beers. And live music.

By 8:30 we were back home. Too full of burgers and beer. Too tired to watch TV. Seniors!