Feels like Sunday

I woke up just before 5am. I guess that’s not surprising — who needs more than 8 hours of sleep? At this rate, by the time we go back home in April I’ll have worked my way around the clock and be back to ‘normal’. Just in time.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast. It’s Saturday. Officially. Why am I writing in sentence fragments? It’s supposed to be sunny but it’s not. But the temperature is just fine for going out to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls. So that’s what we do before lunch. I need to try out my ‘new’ clubs. The driver feels good in my hands, hits the ball pretty far, but it’s slicing a bit. I’ll need to either figure out exactly where to tee up the ball, or maybe all those fancy adjustments on the club head can fix this. I’ll have to ‘google’ that when I get home.

Sue makes lunch while I putt outside. And off and on I sit down at my computer and continue to work on my web project. Sue hops on the bike and leaves for her hair appointment. A few minutes after she leaves I hear a strange noise outside. What’s that? Rain. I go outside. Not lots of drops, but still, maybe I should hop in the van and give Sue a ride. But I don’t. It’s not that bad. And after 15 minutes it stops anyway.

And now it’s time to watch some NFL. Two games today, so I might as well make myself comfortable on the couch. I didn’t really expect either game to be all that close, but before I had all my snacks and drinks all arranged on the coffee table the Ravens had surprised the Patriots with two quick touchdowns. Holy cow! Maybe I should pay attention. Lucky for Tom Brady (and for Jim and Bonny), I was cheering for the Ravens. So my record is intact.

Sue got home with her new hair-do just in time to see the bitter end of the first game. And CTV didn’t miss a beat — just ‘cross-faded’ from one game to the next. There was hardly even time for a washroom break in between. We ate our hotdogs with beans and beer while watching the second game: the Panthers at the Seahawks. Again, there were glimmers of hope for the Panthers early on, but in the end (and by ‘the end’ I mean just before the late news!) the Seahawks were the better team.

A whole live-long day of football — no wonder it felt like Sunday! And the good news is tomorrow we get to do it all over again. Bonus day!