Last day in Gold Canyon!

Thursday: It’s my dad’s birthday. I tried calling him but got the voicemail — it’s 8:30 at home and already they are out celebrating! Today is the last day here! Woke up just after 5 and got up not long after that. It’s a bit cooler today. Supposed to be that way for the weekend, maybe even rain. I guess we’ll miss that. Sue says it will be cold at home when we get there next week. Sue was doing laundry at 6. More packing.

Window repair shopI went to get the van window repaired. The appointment was for 8 and I was there early. The guy drives in my van and pushes the button and rolls up the stuck window! Hey, what’s up? He tried it a few more times and it failed. So he determined that is was the switch. So they replace the switches in both doors and $225 later I’m on my way home. I washed the van. Then spent the rest of the morning squeezing 3 bikes (our 2 and Robert Dyck’s road bike) into the back of the van. Add four golf bags. And my little office chair. And the big Rubbermaid container. Two suitcases. My big computer box.

After a quick lunch we headed back into Apache Junction. We had 3 dental appointments. First, the girl that cleaned my teeth did another inspection (and cleaning) and polished my teeth. Then we headed into Mesa and visited an implant surgeon to get the lowdown on what’s up with her sinuses. Estimated cost to repair: $10,000 to $15,000. Then to another orthodontist to see about braces for Rudy. Yep, could and should be done. Made an appointment for November 1, 2012 at 9:00am. Estimated cost: $5,000.00 for 22 months of adjustments, etc.

Then we headed to the Total Wine store in Santan to pick up another big bottle of gin. And to Walmart for some cosmetics for Sue. Then back to the house. I guess it’s too late now for one last game of golf.

So we had appetizers and happy hour. More cleaning. Leftovers for supper. Tried calling my dad one more time. Again, answering machine. So I left another message. Sue is busy packing. Cleaning. Packing. Work, work, work. Laundry. One last shower. A bit of TV. Off to bed.