Packing. It feels like the end.

Wednesday: Right after breakfast I headed out to Apache Junction, in search of an auto glass place that would help me with my van window (passenger window is stuck down). After a bit of hunting, I found a place. The guy seemed to know immediately what the problem was, and said he would order the parts and they could probably do it this afternoon. Whew!

Back at the ranch, Sue is feverishly packing. Cleaned the 2 extra bedrooms. Cleaned the bathrooms. Most of the kitchen supplies are neatly arranged on the counter. Sue keeps saying how we’re not going to have room for all our stuff. Books are in a bag. I fiddled with Alex’s wallhanging in the van. Bikes are ready to be packed up (but I can’t do it because of the broken window). I put the screens back on the dining room window. Temperature today is very nice — a bit of a wind to help keep things comfortable.

After lunch we watched a Mike Wallace tribute on Charlie Rose. Charlotte from next door stopped by and we arranged for her visit on Friday morning to check the house before we go. Then we read and frittered away time until it was time to go golfing. Nobody else on the course. This is the best time of year to go golfing. Except that my golf game is shitty. Well, not quite as bad today as yesterday, but definitely not as good as it should be considering how much time Sue and I have spent on this course. Shot a 53, Sue a 52.

Chicken on the 'barby'Went to Walgreens to pick up our last DVD rental (Johnny English, a ‘Mr Bean’/James Bond comedy). Then we went home for gin and tonics and a barbecue. Chicken. With leftover rice and potatoes. Alex skyped and told us about her supper with my folks and a couple of messages on our home phone.

We ‘watched’ the movie — well, the parts of it where I wasn’t snoozing — and were in bed by ten o’clock.