Golf? Yuck!

Tuesday: This morning after breakfast we tried out some of the products we bought yesterday to clean our shower. Final result? Not perfect, but better than it was — probably better than it was when we got here. Then, before it got too hot outside, we went for our bike ride. After lunch we watched Charlie Rose. Wasted a bit of time on the internet. Called Alex at 2:30 (4:30 her time) to wish her a happy 29th birthday. Then we went to the golf course.

Rudy's golf clubsHit a bucket of balls before going for our nine holes. Hit some pretty good drives using Sue’s driver. Then we went to the first tee. Two balls hit to the driving range — couldn’t even find one of them! Missed a two-foot putt. Hole number two: two drives that dribbled about 50 yards. Chip shots that went half as far as they were meant to go. Hole 3: shot a ten. Hole 4: tee shot on the road; hacked up my lob wedge by hitting the ball off the pavement onto the green. BUT, I parred the hole! And so it continued. By the time we were finished the ninth hole I was tired from taking 59 shots! Better to leave those clubs right in the bag!

Drove home and when we pulled up on the driveway the passenger window wouldn’t roll up. Oh, oh! What now? I cleaned out the garage and for the first time ever, parked the van in the garage for night! We’ll have to get that fixed tomorrow.

Barbecued some great little steaks (wrapped in bacon) to go with almost cooked scalloped potatoes and a fine tomato and avocado salad. Watched a bunch of 60 Minutes reruns on TV. And more TV after that. Tomorrow? Fix the window on the van, close the bank account here at the Chase bank, clean up a bit more around the house, and…

…go golfing!