More of the same

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees… Hebrews 12:12

After breakfast we went golfing. All three of us. By now most of the workers at the course know us, many greet us by name. MaryLou went home after the front nine and Dave and I continued on. By now we also know the “trouble spots” on the course. There are a few holes, especially on the back nine, that are quite a challenge. The par 5 eleventh has a water hazard right at the halfway point that has swallowed up quite a few of our balls. And the par 3 seventeenth, which the card claims is 160 yards, has a water-and-quicksand pond protecting it — and it seems even a 175-yard shot may not make it to the green. Few of our tee shots have reached the green safely. So that gives us something to talk about as we sweat our way around the course. And my little golf lesson from last week, along with some great tips from Dave, give me something to work on, even if my scores are not getting better. All three of us complain about our sore feet but so far we’ve had no issues with drooping hands or weak knees, so that’s a relief!

After our golf game MaryLou joined us on the patio at the clubhouse for lunch. Our old friends, Michel and Angela (from Ottawa), joined us as well. They rent a house about half an hour north of here, near Progresso, but are members at this course and drive down here to golf about 3 times a week.

Back at the house, I showered and sat around downstairs for the rest of the afternoon. I tried to do a bit more work on the website I’m working on, but didn’t get much done. At around 5pm I re-watched the episode of Narcos I’d slept through yesterday evening. Then we put on our jackets (it was quite hot during the day, but had cooled off nicely for the evening) and walked to the front gate. Dave ordered an Uber to take us to a Walmart not too far from our place.

When we got there we walked around the mall and sat down in one of the outdoor restaurants and had dinner first. Then we went to the Walmart grocery store and tried to find all the things on our list. When we were done we took our bags back home in another Uber and MaryLou stashed the groceries away in our fridge. By now the Jets game was over and although the updates Dave reported during dinner had looked a bit grim for the Jets, it turned out that they won the game in a shootout. Dave reviewed the overtime win on his iPad. By then it was ‘overtime’ for me, too. I went up to bed. The internet was so crappy I couldn’t watch the CBC National on my TV, but I probably wouldn’t have made it through the first few minutes anyway. Zzzzzzz…