More Sights in Detroit

It was going to be an early rise and off to Detroit right after breakfast, but breakfast is a leisurely affair and we only leave the house at 11. And so, much of our morning is gone before we hit the tunnel. Because it is the weekend, or perhaps because of some sports event happening in Detroit, it takes a while to get through the tunnel. I manage to get through with some deep breathing while trying not to get too anxious with claustrophobia. We head to the Detroit Institute of Art and by the time we get there it is time for lunch. We eat at a courtyard café that is enclosed by a historic building.

After lunch we head to the Diego Rivera murals painted in 1932. Wow! Incredible! The murals explore industrialization and its effect on society for both good and evil. Every person in the murals is someone specific. In the modern science part there is a nativity scene with Jean Harlow as the Madonna and the Lindberg baby as the Christ child getting a vaccination. On the dark side, Rivera depicts the poison gases used in war. There is so much to see and talk about that I can’t write it all down.

The art institute is huge and I don’t get to see nearly all of it. I miss the area with the Renoirs, Picassos, Monets, Van Goghs, Matisses, etc. However Rudy does see some of those.

I end up in an area where black artists were featured. Some recreations of famous paintings that were recreated with black persons portrayed are so good.

I see a photography exhibition by a photographer from Ghana and London who explores race and diversity and the photojournalism is fabulous and thought-provoking.

After a bit more touring of Detroit we head back to Windsor for a fish and chips supper. Luckily Rudy and I decide to share a plate as the piece of Haddock that is served covers the whole plate. We both eat until we are stuffed and then all of us head back to Cathy and Dave’s.