Our Last Stop in Ontario

We spend another leisurely breakfast with Cathy and Dave. Lynette, who lives upstairs, comes down for a morning coffee and we have a good conversation with some great insights into differences in viewpoint based on country of origin (Lynette is American). It is always fascinating to become aware of my own blindspots that occur merely because of where I am sitting.

Anyway, after breakfast we head off to St. Catherine’s to visit Mart and Virlon (relatives of Rudy). The drive is rainy and cold and not much fun for the one driving (Rudy). We arrive late afternoon and Rudy is immediately comfortable. These are Rudy’s people. He has known them for years and conversation flows easily. Mart is a great cook and I am regaled with stories of some of the crazy experiences they have had with neighbours since they moved to Southern Ontario six years ago.

It is a great evening. But we are winding down with our visits. Tomorrow we head out on our own down into the US.