Morning golf at Firecliff, dinner at the Cork Tree

Darrel, Reg, Bob, and me at the first tee at Firecliff

An early morning today. I was at the Desert Willows golf course by 6:30, only to find Reg waiting impatiently for his clubs which were in my van. We registered and drove to the first tee. It was a COLD morning in Palm Desert; especially after a week of quite hot temperatures, this morning there was a bit of frost in some of the dips on the fairways.

I started my first game off playing quite well — and after nine holes my score was 45. Unfortunately the back nine were not quite as kind to me, and I ended up with a final score of 99. But the course was lush and green and each hole was absolutely beautiful.

We headed back to Darrel’s place for lunch. Sandwiches.

After lunch I decided to see if I could find a garage that would look at my brakes on this Friday afternoon.

I found a Good Year service centre a few blocks away and they took a look at my van almost right away. I actually thought I’d had my brakes done this summer, but as it turned out that was only the front brakes. I needed new rotors and brakes for the rear axle. So while they worked on the van I went across the parking lot to the big Walmart Supercenter and did a bit of a grocery shop. I returned to the van just as they were lowering the hoist. I loaded my groceries into the van and drove back to my villa. I unpacked and showered and then headed back to Darrel’s condo for happy hour.

Darrel had reserved an outside table for the four of us at the Cork Tree, a restaurant not far from his condo. We had a fine supper together.

After supper I dropped the other guys off at their condo and headed back to my villa. Because checkout time was 10 or 11 in the morning, and I would be out on the golf course during that time, and because John’s place (which I rented from the 9th to the end of the month) was available to me, I ended up packing up all my stuff and moving to my ‘new’ home in Palm Desert this evening.

I was tired and ready to go to bed by the time I had moved all my stuff, including the fridge stuff, to my new home, and went to bed early. I set me alarm for 6:00am so I wouldn’t be late for tomorrow’s 6:50am tee time.