NBA game in Phoenix

Thursday: Moving day for the Driedgers and Neufelds. Dave took two loads in his car to Tom Sung’s apartment (on Idaho Road). At around 4pm we left for Phoenix.

Neufelds, Driedgers, and Nikkels at a pre-game dinnerDave had ordered us NBA tickets on We parked not too far from the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix and headed to the place where we had agreed to meet. The restaurant we had picked was closed but our friends were there waiting to meet us. We decided to go to another restaurant (Majerlys) just down the street.

Rudy with banners at the Suns' game Watching the Phoenix Suns game Watching the Suns play

After dinner we went to see our NBA game – the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Phoenix Suns. It was an entertaining game even though the Suns lost. Steve Nash played well and was the top point-getter.

A big waning moon guided us back to our home near the Superstition Mountains.