Not Iambic Pentameter

My route: once around ‘the loop’

Woke up at six

What’s for breakfast: Grapefruit
Who you gonna call: my mom
What you gonna do: go for a walk at 9:00

What’s on my feet: socks and shoes
What’s on my nose: sunscreen
What’s on my playlist: old Kristofferson & new Wailin’ Jennys
What’s on the ground: more dead rattlesnakes
What’s for snack: apple fritter from Bashas’
How about to drink: medium coffee from Starbucks

Continued walk through Mountain Brook
Up past the “Bishop’s house” in Vista Point

Photos: the walkway, the view from “Bishop’s” hill, the bright yellow flowering trees
Stats: 2.5 hours, 13kms


What’s for lunch: tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and St Pauli Girl
Where’s the afternoon golf game: Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert
How are my drives: long and straight (what else is new?)
What’s my score: 90 (that’s better!)
Photos: the 8th tee, no one behind me, selfie (come on, put on a happy face), 17th hole reflections

Detour on the way home: Chandler Mall (one more belt!)
Late supper at home: fried chicken from Bashas’
What’s on TV tonight: Trumpy news on Colbert (only if I can stay awake that long!)


Who knew! I’m a poet
And don’t even know it.