On Friday We Go Golfing

Sue-at-Apache-Creek-3This morning we went for a long walk. We hadn’t done that for a while. We went to Mountain Brook Golf, and then did a little extra loop through the neighbourhood before coming back home for lunch. The drive to Yuma yesterday left my van window and grille full of dead bugs — so I cleaned that off (new trick: I used a wet Bounce dryer sheet to scrub off the bugs.) Sue went to the pool to read for an hour. I trimmed a few dead branches off the Bougainvillea plant in the front yard.

After lunch I went to the driving range for a bit of a warm-up. It still amazes me that everything goes far and straight at the driving range but not so when it really counts. When I got back it was time to head out to Apache Creek Golf Course for our 2:52 tee time. Another hot day today. We teed off right behind 4 old guys, and had no one behind us for most of the afternoon. In fact, the guys ahead let us play through on hole 11, probably because they were getting tired of hearing my drives bounce on the fairway not too far behind them. So of course I hit two tee shots off to the right, into the water, while the four of them watched. But we had a lovely afternoon, in spite of our poor scoring (101 for me, 104 for Sue).

Sue at The Ledge at Dinosaur Mountain
Sue wasn’t impressed when we had to wait quite a long time for our drinks to arrive

We went home, had a nice tall G&T to cool off, showered and changed. It was about 7:30 when we walked across the road to the Gold Canyon Golf Course for supper. We sat outside on the patio. The evening was still warm, especially when they lit the patio heaters and the big fireplace. We ordered drinks and shared a pizza.

Back home, we felt a bit of pressure to keep going on our “House of Cards” schedule. We watched 3 more episodes, although I only saw about one and a half. I’ll need to re-watch them tomorrow sometime. Too much fun for one day — Sue admitted that she too had drifted off for most of the last show. Off to bed.