It was another special day here in Gold Canyon — Pi Day! We started our day with some round eggs fried in a round pan. Of course, we added bacon, toast, and peanut butter to make it even better.

After breakfast we visited with Max and Alex via Facetime. They’re enjoying some REALLY nice weather in Steinbach. Well, so are we. Sue and I went for a walk after that. We got a little side-tracked because there were garage sales advertised in the Fairway Views development. It’s a gated community that is normally not accessible to non-residents, but today the gates were wide open. So we walked around the community, not looking at the garage sales, but sure looking at the properties. Very nice homes in there!

After we got back to the house Sue read and talked on the phone with Alex. When she got off the phone we had lunch outside in the back patio. It was getting pretty hot in the sun. I sat inside at my computer and downloaded a new album by Mark Knopfler and listened to that. Then I went to the driving range and smacked about an hour’s worth of balls with my fairway wood.

Meanwhile, Sue went to Bashas to pick up some groceries. Then she went for a haircut. When I got back from the driving range I showered and we had happy hour at around 5 o’clock. We watched another “House of Cards” episode before supper. Sue warmed up some spring rolls and the leftover Chinese from Thursday and once again we cleared out our sinuses with some ‘eksa spysee’ kung pao shrimp. After supper we were back to our “House of Cards” marathon.

Sue's got a pieWe took a little break from all the White House shenanigans with some PIE, in honor of Pi Day. Sue had picked up a nice peach pie at Bashas. Pi Day - with ice creamShe cut across the diameter of said pie, and then made plate-sized wedges by cutting from the center to the edge, creating a radius. We squared that radius and multiplied that by today’s date in order to accurately calculate how many scoops of vanilla ice cream we needed to make it a SUPER dessert. And then we ate it. Happy Pi Day.