One step forward, two steps back

Back at the golf course again first thing this morning. It’s not as busy as it usually is — and it’s probably because some of the ‘snow birds’ (Europeans) are heading home. And who are we paired up with? Why it’s our old friend Fritz, from Germany, and his girlfriend (and caddy) Suzanne. Fritz has a house here in Cape Town and essentially ‘lives’ here. He has to go back to Germany every 6 months, and he stays there for a couple of weeks and then comes back here again. He golfs 3 or 4 games every week. He has a very unusual swing, but his game is not too bad. He and Suzanne don’t speak English very well, and so it takes a little more effort to ‘visit’ while we golf, but we do okay. We’ve sort of arranged to golf together again next week.

And after the disaster I had here last Wednesday (with the Russians), by the end of the first nine I had regained much of my confidence — finishing with a birdie 2 on hole nine for a front 9 score of 45. After a brief ‘snack’ stop at the clubhouse we headed back to the 10th hole to continue our round. Oh boy! Things got ugly in a hurry when I lost one ball in the brush, another in the creek, and another in the bunker! Ten on a par 5. The Lord giveth and he taketh away — sometimes all in one game!

We hurried back to the apartment for lunch. Sue did a second load of laundry in the afternoon. She read, I computed. Lovely day outside. Leftover Yellow-tail (from Marina’s yesterday) for supper. A bit of s-l-o-w internet again tonight — no photos to upload today. Tired and gone to bed by 10:30.