Sunday Lunch with Marina

When we got up this morning and looked outside at the street, we were surprised to see that things were mostly cleaned up from yesterdays big parade and street carnival. No ‘Africa time’ here in Cape Town — they are organized and efficient.

After breakfast we went for a brisk walk on the Sea Point promenade — all the way to the swimming pool and back to the lighthouse and home through the park. We showered and got ready to head out for lunch. We took the car and made a quick stop at the Limnos Bakery where Sue picked up an assortment of sweets for dessert. Then we drove up to Marina’s house, about a 15-minute drive from our place.

Rowan had come to join us for lunch. Lukas, Marina’s partner, was looking much better than he did at our first visit. His foot was still in a cast, but the infection was clearing up and he was quite a bit more mobile without having his antibiotic drip thing attached. He was up at 5 in the morning baking bread and getting ready for our lunch. He loves to cook and he’s good at it. The fish bisque (snoek and mackerel in a prawn base) we had as a starter was very good. Then we went outside where Lukas had already lit the coals on the Weber earlier, and now put a couple of big Yellow-tail fillets with an Indian curry topping on the grille. Dinner was delicious. A side dish of pearl barley, a tomato salad, that fresh bread Lukas had made this morning, and the Yellow-tail. Sue’s sweets from the bakery for dessert.

We visited with our friends until Rowan had to leave at around 4pm. We too said goodbye, with a promise that we will get together at least one more time before we go home (in 2 weeks!).

When we got home Sue read and I took a little nap. The internet was down so that meant my programming would have to wait. Sue woke me up when she got a text that the kids wanted to Facetime. Well, how could we do that without internet? So I set up my phone as a hotspot and we talked to Alex and Max until the data on my phone plan was used up — and the call abruptly ended.

I went out to the Spar store and bought a bit more data. I’m not sure how much I ‘need’, since most of the time we’re using the wifi here at the apartment. And sure enough, soon after I got back from the store our connection improved and we were up and running as normal again. That meant I needed to write my journal for the day and post it. Which I did.