Paris, Day 13

Another beautiful morning here in Paris. On Sundays they close the Rue de Martyrs street  to vehicles from 10 to 2, so this morning the streets were full of families shopping for bargains. I went to the bakery to get some ‘scheintz’ and there were TWO lineups — one going into the bakery and and another outside the bakery, where a young boy stood at a table and sold baguettes as fast as he could make change. After breakfast Sue and I went out again, just to look at the action on the street. It was a bit cooler today, and there were some sprinkles of rain off and on, but really it was a nice day for walking outside. In the afternoon Sue called her sister and I visited with Ed Peters on Skype for a while. I found my ESPN NFL Sunday show on the internet and watched that for a while too. At around 6:45 we left for the same NFL pub that we went to last Sunday night. It’s about a mile from our place, and we took our umbrellas because it was raining lightly. When we got to the pub (Belushi’s) there was only one couch left, at the back of the room. But they have a big screen and it was just fine for watching football. We ordered a big platter to share and a pitcher of beer and then watched my Giants lose yet again, this time to the Chiefs. So the Giants are 0-4 and the Chiefs are 4-0. Well, at least the Vikings, playing the Steelers in London, managed their first win. It was close to 10:30 by the time some of the overtime games were done. We walked home (no rain) and I watched a few of the late afternoon games on the computer — mostly the Broncos, who handled the Eagles easily. It’s now 1:42am, and there is still one more (Sunday evening) game on tap — but I’m shutting ‘er down for the night.