Poor weather and good golf

Skyped with Koop and called MJ at the office before eating my grapefruit (from our trees) for breakfast. Phoned my mom. Read my Neil Young book for a while. Although the forecast was for gale force winds and crappy weather, the ‘lady-niners’ were out in full force all morning, golfing past our patio. And really the wind didn’t show up until later in the afternoon, and when it did, it wasn’t anything like what Sue had predicted. Soon after we finished our lunch we headed out to the Rancho Mirage Country Club for our 2:00 tee time. Hit a few balls on the driving range before getting into our cart and heading off to the first tee. Immediately we were struck by how nice this community looked — houses were larger and nicer than many we’ve seen and the course was really well maintained. The weather was a bit cool, and the groups ahead of us were playing slowly, but that only gave us more time to admire the neighbourhood.

rudy at rancho mirage sue at rancho mirage sue and the geese at rancho mirage Great views at Rancho Mirage

And although Sue hadn’t golfed for nearly 2 weeks, we played okay. Sue had at least one par, and Rudy had a birdie. At one point we scooted around in our cart and replayed a couple of holes because there was no one behind us and too many ahead of us. We finished the 15th hole and called it a day at around 5:30. The sun was down and that made it too dark and too cold to finish. But we know we’ll golf this course again — it was a lot of fun and a great value at $35.

We opted for Chinese takeout for supper — which was great for me. And then we watched  our shows and tried hard not to fall asleep in front of the TV. The weather forecast is for lots of wind and some rain overnight — better weather ahead.