Rainy Saturday

It was cold and rainy all day. At first I thought we would go golfing this afternoon — maybe even 18 holes, since few golfers would be out today. But Sue thought it would be too cold and as it turned out it was raining all day. But that did NOT dampen our day at all.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast after we skyped with Ed Peters. Then I read a few more chapters in my (boring) Miriam Toews book, Irma Voth.

Screenshot of the web page for our Utah photosAfter lunch I decided to continue with my travel web updates. I sorted through our photos from our drive down to Arizona. I made a new banner. I captioned (sort of) the photos. I even tried writing an Applescript to help me insert the capture date into each caption. I finally uploaded the finished site at around 5:30.

Sue returned our movie rental and went to Bashas to pick up a roasted chicken. She started supper and then we sat down to watch one of the movies in the big coffee table in our house. First movie: The Family Stone. Supper: mashed potatoes with cream gravy, corn, salad, and roasted chicken — outstanding!

We finished the first movie after supper, then watched a second one, Slow Burn. Chocolate-covered cherries (and blueberries) were the movie snack. All-in-all a pretty good start to the weekend. Weather forecast for tomorrow (and for the beginning of the week) looks like lots more cool temps. We’ll see.