Lose, Lose, Lose

All my teams lost today.

The morning began with a great pancake and fruit breakfast. My morning news shows were good as usual. The weather looked sunnier than what was forecast (although still quite cool).

A day of NFL losses for RudyThen it was time for NFL Sunday. And that’s where things went wrong. In the first game the Vikings lost to Tim Tebow and the Broncos! In the second games the Green Bay (undefeated) just barely beat my NY Giants. And Arizona beat Dallas! And the Colts almost overcame the Patriots’ big lead (but not quite, and so they are still without a win).

Sue went for a run and picked up a few groceries. We barbecued burgers. At least THAT was turning out right!

In the Sunday Night game the Lions had far too many penalties to have any chance of beating the Saints. And so I lost all my games! And Sue, who has a knack of picking the winners, won all her games. Oh well, at least we’re not both losers!