Read, Cycle, Golf — on the first day of Spring

Wednesday: Read all morning. I washed Sue’s golf balls after lunch. Then I discovered I had a flat rear tire on my bike. Sue was already all dressed and ready to go — but now I needed to patch the tire first. So Sue went grocery shopping while I cycled to Walgreen’s and back to rent a DVD for tonight.

At four o’clock we went golfing again. We both shot a lot of bad shots, but the day was great as usual. We let others play through so that we could be the last ones on the course. By holes 8 and 9 we had corrected many of our issues and were playing better again.

We barbecued cheeseburgers for supper. Yummy. Then we watched a bit of TV (Kitchen Nightmare shows) before our movie. The movie was quite funny — a bit like a Woody Allen story. “Carnage” was directed by Roman Polanski and starred Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet. We were zonked and went to bed early.