Reading Day

With 16 holes of golf yesterday and another 18 scheduled for tomorrow, today was to be a reading day — a day ‘off’. Started out like that. But not long after breakfast Sue suggested a walk to Walgreens to return yesterday’s movie (Margin Call). So while MaryLou cleaned the inside of her car, the rest of us walked through MountainBrook to Walgreen’s and back. Sandwiches for lunch. Then, a short nap before taking a drive to the Mesa Marketplace. MaryLou bought a shirt, Dave did too, Sue bought some fake Norwex cleaning cloths.

Sue made pizza for supper. After that we watched The Daily Show and Colbert; then we watched 3 episodes of “Friday Night Lights”, a DVD series the Driedgers brought along with them. Ended the night with a bit of NBA and some projections for NFL Wildcard Weekend which begins tomorrow.