Wildcard Weekend

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Queen Valley Golf Course for 18 holes of golf. Beautiful weather, pretty good scenery, semi-interesting course, poor score. But the beer was cold and the experience and time with friends was excellent. After golf we hurried home to watch the last minutes of the Texans beating the Bengels. Then we watched the Detroit Lions lose to the Saints. We had a great spaghetti supper in there somewhere too. Went to bed after watching a bit of SNL. Tired but happy.

This morning we were back on track with our usual Sunday routine: watching Fareed Zakaria and Reliable Sources on CNN, and having french toast for breakfast! Then a bit of NFL.

The first game was the best of the weekend: The Giants blew away the Falcons. The second game saw Tim Tebow once again pull out a miracle finish as the Broncos beat the Steelers in overtime!

We had weenies and potatoes for supper. It’s almost a full moon out there — it will be tomorrow night. The Driedgers watched “The Good Wife” on TV and then the four of us headed out to the Cold Stone Creamery out on Crismon Road for a late-night ice cream snack.

Tomorrow we’ll probably go back to Mountain Brook for 9 holes of golf before the Driedgers go to the airport to pick up Ken and Kaaren.