Rolling Stones and YouTube

Well, now I really am here ‘alone’! I spent the morning reading and catching up on some house-keeping. I visited with Naomi on WhatsApp for a while — she was having a relaxed morning at my house, drinking tea and doing a puzzle. I was still quite into the latest Rolling Stones album, so I read a bunch of reviews and listened to it again. Reading the reviews got me going back to some of their older albums and so that was the playlist here for most of the morning.

I’d replaced an outdoor lamp on the garage here yesterday, but when I saw the light pattern last night I decided it was way too dark and didn’t really light up the walkway from the driveway to the door. So I removed the fixture and took it back to Lowes. I found a lamp that I thought might be better suited for my location and installed it this afternoon. Well, now it looks a little too bright! Maybe I’ll put just have to replace the bulb with a 40-watt one.

I ate the leftovers from yesterday’s supper tonight. I watched the evening news and looked at the TV guide for what’s on tonight. Hmmm… not really anything I’m interested in. I turned of the TV. I checked the AllMusic website to see if there were any new releases I might like. That got me into a rabbit hole that led to YouTube, and after listening to a couple of tunes up comes a 50-minute concert film featuring the late David Crosby doing a 2011 fundraiser for a school in Santa Monica. Well, that was so good I listened to it twice THRICE! Here’s a link, if you’re interested: David Crosby and Venice – Live at Santa Monica High 2011 (And if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, go to the 28 minute mark and listen to ‘Ohio‘, featuring the school band and choir!)

And that’s my Friday!