Saturday – last day of the Schmitt visit to Palm Desert

Woke up and heard Max gurgling in his room. I got up and went in to pick him up — but all he wanted was his soother and he went right back to sleep. So Alex and Sue and I sat in the living room, but no Max — not quite like every other morning here. Max eventually woke up and joined us for breakfast — watching us eat our bacon and eggs.
The girls went for a long walk in the morning while the boys played with Max. Sue and I left for a 12:15 appointment to see our real estate agent. She showed us a home that we are considering for the month of March. Not bad, but it sure was cold inside the house. And the patio faced North. We’ll see what else is out there before deciding.
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We got back to the house and Alex had made us lunch. So we ate out on the patio. Then it was time for Alex to take Tim and me to the Rancho Las Palmas Golf Club, where we had a 1:58 tee time booked. Got a bit turned around by the GPS and showed up late — but still too early. The course was busy. Eventually we got going but it the parties ahead of us were slow. Still, we had some fine shots and had a good time. It was 5:50 when we finished the 16th hole — dark, but not bad for as late as we started and as slow as we played. Called Alex to come pick us up. When we got home Max we learned that Max had been busy all afternoon and had barely slept at all. max-and-rudy-funSo I played with Max during our happy hour snacks, until he really was ready for bed. Tim barbecued some cheeseburgers (how would you like your burger?) and Sue and Alex made potatoes and vegetables for our supper. And then there was an “Eagles” special on TV. We watched most of that and then started watching a special on Johnny Carson. At around 10:00 Alex had had enough fun for one day and went to bed. Tim was still packing but he too was off to bed by 11:00. I stayed up to write my journal. Tomorrow we need to get out of the house by 8:00am to get the kids to the airport for their 10:00am flight back home. It’s been a great 10 days. We’ll miss them very much.