Saturday Matinee

Saturday. Cloudy and looks like more rain. Coffee and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sue wanted to finish her book today. I wanted to go to the driving range. Neither of us managed to attain our goals.

I worked on trying to build a dynamic photo gallery and having PHP extract the geo EXIF data from the file so I could plot the photo on a map. I didn’t finish that project either, but I had fun trying. That is, AFTER I thought I’d fried my drive and would need to buy another one — but I was able to restore to a previous backup and (so far) I’ve not had an issue since.

After lunch the Bishops stopped by — they are leaving for home two weeks ahead of schedule due to a grandmother’s illness. So I guess the car will be back in our garage. We watched a bit of the Phoenix Open on TV before heading out to the Superstition Mall to catch a movie at the ‘cheap’ theatre. “Nightcrawler”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is nominated for Best Original Screenplay. It was enjoyable — funny and violent in a ‘Coen brothers’ kind of way.

We came home and Sue made supper. Then we watched “Virunga” on Netflix. It’s about the efforts to protect mountain gorillas in Eastern Congo, and is nominated for Best Documentary. We were going to go to bed after the movie, but I clicked on another Netflix ‘suggestion’ and we ended up watching another documentary — “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father” — about a child custody battle in Newfoundland that was won by the father’s ex-girlfriend and accused killer. It was heart-breaking and very well made. And so it was midnight when the timer on the dishwasher finally kicked in and I shut down.