Saturday Night Blog

It was wet outside when we woke up. Coffee. Sun came out. Sue had a call from Ingrid. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sue called just about all the people she knows while I read the news on my computer. Tim and Alex and Max skyped. Brand new photos of Max — got them on Photostream. Very nice.

After lunch we doddled around a bit more — we’d now missed the big local flea market (it closes at 2). We decided to go for a ride anyway. Filled up gas in the van. Drove to a few of the local thrift stores — Sue was looking for more dishes. We ended up way out at Washington — and found what we needed at a dollar store. Back at home we were going to go for a walk — but decided to go cycling first — had to return my DVD so we cycled out to the Ralph’s on Country Club and back. And THEN we went for our walk. Cloudy again, cooling off. But it seems like it’s staying light outside a bit longer.

Sue made a great spicy shrimp and pasta supper. Then we sat in the living room and read. All night. Each of us with our iPads. TV on mute. LIstened to a couple of early Neil Young albums as I read about them in my Neil Young bio. Finally went to bed at 11:20. Oops! forgot to write my journal. Well, I could do it in the morning. No, I better do it now. Laptop, in bed, typing, typing, typing. Okay, gotta go — the ghost of MLK is visiting Barack on SNL.