Sidewinder revisited

We had a 12:25 tee time at Sidewinder booked for today, joining Ed Peters who is going home tomorrow. Since our last outing at Mountain Brook was so discouraging, I really needed to go hit a few balls on the driving range before the game. So this morning Sue and I picked a few clubs out of the bag (6-iron for me) and walked across the road to the Gold Canyon Golf Course. Our ‘gold card’ membership gets us ‘free’ driving range there. We each smacked a big bucket of balls, and it looked like I might have ‘fixed’ something. (Not surprisingly, the solution is to NOT swing hard and let the club do the work! I knew that!)

When we got home I noticed some ‘garbage’ down the street where a neighbour was getting his air conditioning replaced. I managed to ‘salvage’ a wooden palette and took it home to make (another!) homemade TV aerial. Not enough time to finish it though; Sue had lunch ready at 11:30 so we’d be ready to leave at noon. I quickly called my parents to check up on them (they’re doing fine, enjoying various Christmas concerts at church) and then we headed back across the road.

Sue at SidewinderOur threesome was joined by an older gentleman, “Bob”, at the course. Sue’s driver is still working pretty good for me — I really need to ‘get my own’. The temperature was 75 degrees, a light wind, just enough clouds to keep the schnoz from getting sunburnt. The game was going well, too. And we had fun. Both Sue and I played with the same ball for most of the game — that is, until Hole 15, where my second shot went into the pond. Three times in a row. And I was doing so good! So that balooned my 47 on the front nine — to 100 for the game. And Sue just keeps on swinging that easy swing of hers and playing great golf.

We got home ‘early’ (before sunset) and while Sue made the G&Ts I got back to work on my TV aerial. Following the instructions I’d found online, I cut and bent my pile of coat hangers and assembled them on the palette board, until Sue got mad and ordered me out to the barbecue. I gobbled down my supper and got back to my project, scanning for ‘new’ channels on the bedroom TV. Hey, I got the local ABC station! This is working!

And now Monday Night Football was starting — Falcons at the Packers. Should be a close game — for the first 5 minutes! And sure enough, Green Bay had a comfortable lead at halftime. So I’d sort of lost interest in the game, and was busy downloading episodes of the TV series “Suits” that Sue and I want to start watching. Sometime in the fourth quarter, I noticed that Atlanta was making a comeback. Not a bad finish! Atlanta scored 30 of their 37 points in the second half, but it was too little too late — Green Bay won 43-37.

Went to bed and watched a bit of late night TV on the bedroom TV — Jimmy Kimmel tonight, now that we get ABC. Exciting! Well, at least I thought so. Sue keeps reminding me that for the 3 or 4 minutes that I manage to stay awake watching late night TV any channel would be good enough!