Sunday at the movies

I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. Psalm 101:3

Sunday morning — I woke up at around 5:30 and read for a while until I got sleepy. The next time I woke up it was 8:30. The Driedgers were on their second coffee and finished breakfast. CBS Sunday Morning was already in progress on the big TV.

The Driedgers left some time mid-morning, heading into the city centre to see a violin concert with the Neufelds. I watched my show and then continued reading my book. I made a sandwich for lunch and then found the golf channel and watched that for a while. I was hoping to go see a movie this afternoon, but the only movie on my list was playing at noon, and I’d already missed that.

I took an Uber into town at around 3:30. I went first to one movie theatre, hoping I’d see something on the playbill that might interest me — and when that disappointed I walked across the road to the big convention centre. There was a new cinema there, but again the times weren’t right.

Movies are cheap here in Mexico — five bucks or less! And the theatres are all brand new and quite nice. Dave has been itching to go see a movie ever since we got here — but the problem is that right now there are not a lot of good movies to see. It’s a dilemma for a good Mennonite like me: bargain prices but nothing worth seeing!

I took an Uber to the brand new Harbor Mall — I wanted to see the mall anyway. I already knew that the movies were more-or-less the same as what the other two theatres were showing. I walked the mall and ended up having a coffee and reading my book for a couple of hours.

At six o’clock I took a ride to the new mall near our place, La Isla Merida. I was surprised that the mall was busy — the last couple of times I’d been there it was right after the grand opening and there weren’t a lot of shoppers there. But tonight it was very busy. I went to a Mexican booth in the food court and had a plate of tacos. Then I bought a ticket to go see “The Green Book”, a movie I’d first seen in Palm Desert. (Hey, I’d rather see a good movie twice than watch a ‘worthless’ movie once!) The theatre was quite full too, and I had a good time. The people around me seemed to be enjoying the movie, laughing at the funny parts even though they had to read subtitles.

After the movie I was going to get an Uber back home, but the rates were double because of high demand. No problem. I ordered a coffee at the Starbucks and waited about 10 minutes until the surge was over. I got home at around ten. Dave was just watching the end of the final episode of “Better Call Saul”. The golf tournament was being replayed on the golf channel, so we watched some of that before going to bed.