Sunday we WATCH golf

We woke up early today — just after 6. We started watching ‘our Sunday shows’ — Fareed and CBS Sunday Morning, etc. Suzette made crepes. We went for a walk to Walgreens to return the 2 DVDs that we forgot to return yesterday. It was 9am and already quite warm outside. When we got home I started watching the Arnold Palmer golf tournament on TV. We watched it right to the end — but because it was in Florida the time difference meant it was over by 2 o’clock our time.It was an exciting finish: Matt Every won it for the second straight year, making an 18-foot birdie putt on the final hole to beat Henrik Stenson.

I was downloading another TV series and spent a bit of time ‘cleaning’ up my files for iTunes. I went to the driving range for an hour in the afternoon — not very many golfers there by 3 o’clock. When I got back we had a plate of crackers and cheese with our happy hour drinks. We started watching more of our queued up list of TV shows. We took a break to watch 60 Minutes. Sue made a delicious supper. More of our series, then at 9pm we switched to The National followed by the Fifth Estate. And THAT was our Sunday!