The Countdown Begins

It’s our last week here. You’d think that would mean we’d try to pack as much fun as possible into our remaining days. Not quite!

We went for a walk in the morning. After lunch we went into town, first to Van’s Golf shop to buy me a new putter (we’ll see if that makes any difference to my game), and then to the Santan Village Shopping Center. Sue bought a bunch of stuff. I did too. Mostly I ran around in the stores, looking for Sue. We really know better than to go shopping together, but every once in a while we need a little ‘refresher course’ just to get us back on track.

We barbecued cheeseburgers for supper and watched TV after that. No photos today. No lengthy play-by-play write-up about my golf game. But it’s snowing at home, and at least it’s NOT snowing here.