Super Wednesday

It was late in the evening on Super Tuesday in the United States of America when we woke up. It was the dawn of Super Wednesday here in South Africa. We are far away from the noise that is America. We are in a different time zone, in a different hemisphere, in a different world. We do not have the daily reminders about all the nonsense in the world (we don’t have any ‘real’ TV channels in our apartment, and the daily paper I buy from Benjamin down on the street occasionally is mostly about what’s happening in the local rugby and cricket leagues). So while ISIS tries to drag the world back into the Middle Ages and Donald Trump drags America back to the adolescent ages, Rudy and Sue eat their peaches and bananas and peanut butter toast and then drag their clubs across the road and enjoy a round of golf on the manicured greens and lush fairways of Cape Town’s Metropolitan Golf Course. Quiet. Beautiful. Peaceful.

We golfed with a South African (Durban) couple today. Peter and Lynn. Lovely people. Good golfers. After our most relaxed (and quickest — we never waited for the group ahead) round here yet, they invited us to join them upstairs at the clubhouse for a drink. A bottle of white Ernie Els for the ladies, big drafts of craft beers for the gentlemen. Before lunch. Civilized.

We walked home and had lunch at around 2:30. After lunch we checked our email and the news. The silliness of the American primaries just keeps getting more bizarre (and discouraging). Where are all the ‘normal’, educated, decent, thinking, caring, civilized people? Why are they allowing this?

We skyped with the kids. We watched “Labyrinth of Lies”, a German movie (subtitles) — still from my collection of Oscar-nominated foreign films. Very good. Sue made (another) delicious supper. We skyped with Ed and Val, who are enjoying the Arizona heat for the month of March. We watched the first hour of an old movie, Romeo + Juliet, starring a very young Leonardo DiCaprio and Clair Danes. Then we switched to the CBC National before heading off to bed at 10:30.