Movie Meal Specials for Two

Just like Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”, today I enjoyed TWO breakfasts! The first one was our usual breakfast, fruit and toast and coffee. Then, after a couple of hours of wasting time reading the news (nothing ‘new’!) I went out for a second breakfast. I was already hungry at 10 o’clock, and knowing that our lunch today would only come at 2 o’clock and I probably wouldn’t last until then, I went out for a muffin and another coffee. I went to a new little cafe just down the street. That was probably a mistake! I ordered a coffee and a blueberry muffin from the menu. A couple of minutes later I noticed my waitress going out the front and down the street. Then she came back. She brought my coffee and informed me that they don’t have any blueberry muffins — would it be alright if I had a cappuccino muffin instead? Sure. Out she went again, returning 5 minutes later with a paper bag. Hmmm.. I guess she went out to buy a muffin for me. But it was at least another ten minutes before she brought me my muffin, (on a plate with a square of butter, a little dish of red jam, and a fork). Ah, I see what she was doing. She “added value” to the muffin she picked up next door. By now I had noticed the sandwich board standing on the sidewalk in front of the neighbouring coffee shop, advertising coffee and a cappuccino muffin for 30 Rand! I should have just gone to THAT restaurant! Oh well, the muffin was good even if I only ate it long after I’d finished my coffee. When I finally got the bill it was 43.50 Rand. “Value added!”

Sue and I headed out at around 1 o’clock. Walked down the main road, back into the city. Along the way we stopped at a car rental shop to see about renting a car. We got to our restaurant, Societi Bistro, right at 2 o’clock. I’d called there yesterday to book it for lunch today. I had come across the (unfortunately named) Labia Theatre, an old small movie house that was showing current movies at discount prices. Movie tickets were only 45 Rand, which is $3.87 Canadian. Not only that, on certain days they offered ‘deals’. The Tuesday deal was you could go to the Societi Bistro restaurant just down the street from the theatre and get 2 pasta main courses PLUS 2 movie tickets for 90 Rand. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice the Societi Restaurant was! and the pasta dishes we ordered were “f-f-FAB-ulous”! So we sat outside in the courtyard, eating our pasta and drinking our wine and enjoying the lovely afternoon and the great view of Table Mountain.

Cappuccino at the Labia Theatre
Cappuccino at the Labia Theatre

Around 3:30 we wandered down the street to the movie theatre. We ordered a big cappuccino and sat at a small table until our 4 o’clock movie began. (What a life, eh?) We traded in our restaurant receipt for 2 tickets to see the new Coen Brothers movie, “Hail, Caesar!”. We entered Screen 1 (the cinema was showing 4 different movies on 4 screens) and found our seats. We decided to sit one row AHEAD of the other couple that were already seated and awaiting the start of the movie; that left 172 seats still available in case anyone else would show up! For a cheap theatre this one had a pretty big screen. And the seats were relatively new and fairly comfortable. Maybe a bit TOO comfortable for Sue, who promptly slept through a good chunk of the movie! I guess it might have been that carafe of wine, although Sue was adamant that the movie was at fault — NO story, NO plot, NO romance — the WORST Coen Brothers movie yet, etc, etc. Okay, okay — but at least it had a great soundtrack and quite a few funny bits.

We were out at 6 o’clock and slowly walked the 3.5 kms back to our place. Although we both were not really hungry due to that late lunch we’d had, we nevertheless ate a hearty supper — no point in messing up our ‘routine’! And speaking of routine, after supper we got into our positions on the couch and watched the last 2 episodes of Homeland, followed by (yesterday’s) CBC National News before once again heading off to bed.