The Oscars: The Morning After

We woke up at 6. Our tee time at the golf course was for 7:35. While I made coffee I checked the news online, thinking I would find out who won what at the Oscars. BUT THEY WERE STILL GOING ON! Our 6am is 10pm at home, and only 8pm in California. Well, we didn’t have time to sit around and wait for all the winners to be announced — we had some golfing to do.

We were paired with the O’Reillys from London. John and Irene were very good golf partners. John retired from a career in mining and that had given him opportunities to live in many interesting parts of the world. (He was even stationed in Lynn Lake in the early 60s!) They had lived in several African countries, as well as Australia, India, Papau New Guinea, Oman, and Iran. They still have a second home in Oman. They’re here in Cape Town for another week, before flying back home to London.

We finished 18 holes and were home for lunch at around 12:30. Now I could see the complete list of winners and losers at the Oscars. Sue and I have had a good time watching as many of the Oscar-nominated films as we’ve been able to. There have been quite a few very good films, lots of ‘okay’ films, and a couple of “meh!” or “huh?” films. We hadn’t really picked our own ‘play-at-home’ winners, so we weren’t really cheering for any particular movie or actor. Still, finding out that “Mad Max” won 6 Oscars, although not surprising based on some of the predictions we’d read, made us scratch our heads a bit. I SERIOUSLY tried watching that movie three times. The third time was on the plane ride here — lots of time, nothing better to do, I’d seen the beginning half hour twice before (before turning it off in utter boredom), so I was determined to watch at least the ‘middle section’. After all, Charlize Theron was nominated for best actress, and she’s a good-looking woman — surely I can watch the movie just for that! But no, I’m sure I didn’t make it through the first hour. Oh well, like I said, we had fun watching lots of movies, and if after all that we still don’t recognize a ‘great’ film when we see it, so be it.

After lunch I had a bit of a ‘meddach-schlaup’. I worked on some web stuff again, had happy hour, then went out for supper at around 7:30. We had Thai food at the ‘Simply Asia’ tonight — very good. We picked up a new container of ice cream from Woolies and came home to eat it while we watched 2 more episodes of Homeland. (only 2 left). After watching (yesterday’s) CBC National news it was time for bed.