Ten degrees cooler and a few raindrops

The fountains also of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped, and the rain from heaven was restrained; Genesis 8:2

I think the high temperature here in Merida today was 24 degrees. (it was 34 degrees yesterday and it’s been in the 30s for most of our days here.) The locals here are all wearing jackets and long pants. The usually very busy Sunday at the golf course didn’t happen today — most golfers will have thought it too cold to golf. The sky was a bit grey and cloudy most of the day. All very unusual for what we’ve come to expect here. But for us Canadians, it was still a fine ‘summer’ day and we sure wouldn’t trade it for the MINUS 25 that it is in Steinbach right now.

I was up at 7:30 and downstairs just before 8, just in time for “my Sunday shows”. We had coffee and watched CBS Sunday Morning and a bit of Face the Nation. Then we walked over to the golf course clubhouse for breakfast. That’s when we realized that there were no golfers out today! We had sort of decided that our golf days would be Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends for Meridians. But since there was no one here, and the coolish temperature was ideal, a refreshing change from the usual heat, we should golf today. And since our clubs and shoes are stored at the course we didn’t even have to go back home after brunch. The boys dug our clubs out of storage and fixed us up with pull carts and off we were.

We had a very fine afternoon of golf. When we finished putting out on Hole #2 we felt a few raindrops. As we pulled our carts to the tee boxes on the third hole it actually felt like we might get a bit wet! The wind had picked up and tiny drops were pelting us. We weren’t far from home — should we make a run for it? Dave noted that we were not made of sugar, and argued that we should just play golf — the rain might easily go away as quickly as it appeared. So that’s what we did. And that’s what the rain did. Gone. Just like that. “The rain from heaven was restrained.” And it didn’t come back for the rest of our game, or even for the rest of our day.

We were wasting no time on the course — making good time. Twice we caught up with golfers ahead of us and both times they let us play through. We were back at the clubhouse for aprés golf Modelos by 3pm.

I FaceTimed with Alex and Tim and Max for a while from there. The are doing well and staying warm. It was good to see them and talk to them.

Back at the house I did a load of laundry as we watched the last quarter of the NFL semi-final between the Saints and the Rams. Rams won in overtime. Then it was time for supper. We took an Uber back to the Texas Roadhouse, which is near our place. We figured we could watch the Patriots/Chiefs game there while we had supper. Which we did, sort of. We ended up NOT sitting in the bar so the TVs were a bit far away. No big deal. It looked like the Patriots had the game well in hand and we were busy enjoying our meals.

When we returned to our apartment MaryLou headed up to her room to work on her computer while Dave and I finished watching the game. It turned out quite a bit more interesting than we expected, with the Patriots winning in overtime.

After the game Dave watched one of his shows and I wrote my journal. And then it was time for bed. All that walking on the golf course and the fresh (cool) air makes a person good and tired — and perhaps that is why all three of us have had good sleeps here. (My headaches which bothered me for most of the week went away yesterday and I am feeling great.) Tomorrow it’s supposed to be another ‘cool’ day before we go back to the ‘normal’ warm temperatures here. I think we might take a bit of a walk out to Dzibilchaltún, another archeological site with Mayan ruins and temples and even a museum. Google maps says it’s just outside the northern entrance to our country club, a 4km walk from our apartment. A day with a projected high of 27 degrees and a heaven that is ‘restrained of rain’ should be just about PERFECT for another interesting walk.