Thanksgiving, American style

I stayed ‘home’ all day today. Not even a walk or a bike ride. The NFL games on TV started mid-morning and continued all day. I didn’t really pay too much attention — I was either doing a crossword or working on my computer. I got stuck in a little programming loop that I still haven’t figured out. I SHOULD have taken a break and gone for a walk and it probably would have “solved itself” by the time I returned. But I didn’t.

No photo from me today, but how about a picture of this fine young gentleman!

I spent a bit of time checking out some great family photos that Tim and Alex’s friend took of them for their annual Christmas card. I had some ‘Thanksgiving” turkey in my sandwich for lunch.

By 5 o’clock I was tired of sitting at my computer and I “made” some chili (a big badge on the can proclaimed that it contained beans! DUH!) and a baked sausage for my supper. I brought an external hard drive along on this trip; it’s got five or six seasons of “The Wire” on it. I’ve always meant to watch it but never taken the time. So tonight I hooked that up to the TV and started on the first 3 episodes. The opening theme music is a good old Tom Waits song — so it had that going for it. Unfortunately, after a long hard day of doing nothing, I was too tired to stay awake long enough to watch Colbert and Kimmel. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day!