The Good Ole Hockey Game

Detroit visits PhoenixMonday: Went for a hike up Silly Mountain today — with Sue and Dave — MaryLou opted for a v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g bike ride instead. We got home after nearly 2 hours of hiking and had lunch. Showered and got ready for the trip to Glendale. At around 4pm Dave and I left for the hockey game, which started at 6pm. Along the way we stopped at a golf store and Dave got a couple of his clubs re-gripped. I thought we had lots of time but we actually only got to the arena just before 6pm. And we didn’t have tickets to the game. Fans at the hockey gameLuckily there were lots of ticket sellers near the parking lot. We strolled along and negotiated a couple of ‘cheap’ seats for $25 apiece. But we still hadn’t had supper! So we after we got our tickets we sat down in one of the many restaurants in the ‘Westgate’ complex outside the arena and had a big platter of cheeseburgers and onion rings and a couple of beers. The first period was nearly over by the time we got to our seats. The arena wasn’t sold out, but we were surprised that about half the fans were cheering for Detroit — wearing Detroit gear and cheering loudly when the Red Wings scored their (only) goal! It was a pretty good game — the Coyotes outplayed the Red Wings and deserved their victory. We were out by quarter to nine and home by 9:30. The girls had watched “Jane Eyre” and were sitting at the table visiting. We watched a bit of shlocky TV and then one-by-one headed off to bed.