Empty Nesters

Tuesday: Said goodbye to our friends Dave and MaryLou today. They were busy packing and planning their next adventure this morning. They didn’t even stay for lunch (missed another great sandwich!) because they were going to visit some other friends. I watched the “Jane Eyre” movie that the girls watched last night while we were at the hockey game. Sue sat outside and read. After the Driedgers left we sat around and twiddled our thumbs for a bit. Felt a bit lost. What next? What should we do? We frittered away enough time so that we couldn’t even go see a movie. Finally Tim Skyped me and asked for a bit of help with a logo — and once again I had purpose in life! At four o’clock Sue commanded that we go for a bike ride, so we returned the DVD to Walgreen’s and picked up a new release for tonight. The best thing about the bike ride was that I finally broke my speed record. 65kphThe weather was a bit cool, but really not cool enough to NOT go golfing — but we didn’t. When we got home Sue started supper (leftovers AGAIN!) and I showered. After supper we watched our shows before putting our movie on at 8pm. “Anonymous” is nominated for Best Costume at the Oscars. Story about who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Sue said she didn’t get any of it. I found it interesting if not great. A bit of David Letterman and then off to bed. Goodnight, Dave and MaryLou, wherever you are.