Rained all day (not!)

Wednesday: Doddled around all morning again. The forecast for today was for rain, so we did NOT book any golf. We haven’t golfed since last Saturday. But the day turned out to be just like every other day here in Arizona — beautiful!

Finally, at around 11, we went for a brisk walk to Walgreen’s to return our DVD. Hurried back for lunch, we both showered, and then we hopped into our van and headed out to the Harkins Theatre on Power Road for our first (1:00pm) movie: The Artist, a black and white silent film which is nominated for 10 Academy Awards. The theatre was surprisingly full. The movie was pretty good. At one point I was nodding off and Sue pulled out the pack of red licorice that we’d bought at Walgreen’s in the morning — and that help to keep me awake. At the end of the movie we just about ran down the hall to Theatre #2 to catch the next film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Again, the theatre was packed and we had to sit in the seats in the front section, craning our necks to see the big screen. The movie was good — we’d seen the 3 Swedish versions on DVD last spring and this version was probably better than that. We got out of the cinema at around 5:30 and headed back towards Gold Canyon. Sue had a little grocery list — mostly paper towel and kleenex and stuff like that — so we stopped at Walmart on Signal Butte and picked those things up.

It was 6:30 by the time we were heading east on Highway 60 looking at Superstition Mountain — and it was still not totally dark! Quite a change from just 4 weeks ago. At home we called Paul and Kathy, and then barbecued cheeseburgers (actually bacon burgers) for supper. Watched a bit of TV. Then we watched a couple of Oscar-nominated documentaries (downloaded on my computer) before watching late-night TV and going to bed.