Back on (the) course

Thursday: Sue and I read our books this morning. When I called the golf course to book a tee time I learned that the first available after 3 o’clock was at 4:10pm — and considering that yesterday the sun was only setting at around 6:30 I took the late tee time. I called Koop and we talked a bit about his trip to the Super Bowl. After lunch Sue decided to clean the windows in our house. I continued to read while she cleaned. When she finished we had a beer and then headed off to the golf course, just in case we could get on a bit early. Nope. So we ordered a small bucket of balls and spent a bit of the time on the driving range. We teed off at 4:10 and right away I had a par on the first hole! Sue did not — and by the third hole she’d announced that she absolutely hated the game of golf.

Two tee shots on the green
Rudy and Sue's tee shots on the green on hole number 7

Well, things improved from there on and by the time we finished hole number 9 not only was the sun still peaking over the horizon, but Sue’s disposition had improved considerably.

Sunset on Hole 9
Sunset on Hole 9

Another perfect afternoon in Arizona. We went home and Sue whipped up a most delicious supper: curried chicken over rice-a-roni and a salad on the side. Yum. After supper we skyped quite a while with Werner (and then Karen) Pries and with Tim and Alex after that. Then we watched one of the Oscar-nominated documentaries, “If a Tree Falls”, which I had downloaded on the computer. We had fresh pineapple slices for ‘night snack’ and watched David Letterman before calling it a night. Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.