Friday Night (and afternoon) Movies

Friday: I got up and watched the second half of the documentary “If a Tree Falls” (I’d fallen asleep last night while Sue watched it). Did a bit of computer work this morning. Then I went and sat outside and read my book, “The Art of Fielding”, which I’ve borrowed from Dave Driedger. It was quite warm today! After lunch I finished reading the book. We planned to go for a walk but it was a bit too warm during the day. So instead, we watched a second Oscar-nominated documentary, “Hell and Back Again”. Yesterday’s film made you think about ‘terrorists’ — and maybe even sympathize with the radical fringe. This afternoon’s movie was the story of a wounded soldier who returns from the war in Afghanistan — but left me feeling somewhat depressed about the war and American gun culture and the hopelessness of it all. After the movie we drove to the Firehouse Bar, parked our van, ordered a pizza for an hour later, and went for an hour-long walk around Mountain Brook. Temperature was still warm, sunset was magnificent. We stopped at Walgreen’s and rented the DVD “The Warrior”. Took our pizza back to our house. After supper we watched a bit of TV, then “The Warrior” (Nick Nolte is nominated for Best Supporting Actor), then a bit more TV with our night snack (pineapple with pomegranate).