Movie, golf, movie

Saturday: Bacon and eggs interrupted our morning movie, “A Separation”, a wonderful film from Iran nominated for Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay. It’s one of my downloaded movies and it has subtitles and there’s no way we could stay awake watching it at night, but it was an excellent way to spend a Saturday morning! Sue and I both really liked it. We headed into Apache Junction to the Fruit Market to restock our fruits and vegetables for another week. We always come away from that market with a van full of food and marvel at how much fresh food you can buy for $20-30.

In the afternoon I watched a bit of golf on TV and Sue sat outside and read. Then at around 3:30 I called the golf course and asked about our chances of walking nine holes — and was surprised to learn that it wasn’t busy and we could come on over. So we did.

rudy-tee-shotsue-tee-shotsunset-on-superstitionSue’s golf game was encouraging, mine a little less so. That’s the beauty of golfing with a partner: it’s never a complete write-off. And really, any afternoon walking the fairways at Mountain Brook with a beautiful red sunset reflecting on Superstition Mountain is pretty good. After we finished our nine holes Sue went to the putting green and I took a small bucket to the driving range. Time well spent.

We went home (Highway #60 is now plugged with traffic as the Renaissance Festival has started again — it will create a traffic jam on our road every weekend for the next 6 weeks!) and Sue presented a great supper (curried chicken leftovers). We watched a bit of TV and then put in our DVD rental, “Real Steel”, nominated for Best Visual Effects. Sue pronounced it one of the lamest movies we’ve watched — it was a silly movie about fighting robots.