A Day of Music

Sunday: I woke up early. Watched CBS Sunday Morning. Then Fareed. Then Reliable Sources. Had French toast with fruit and peanut butter somewhere in there. Then I talked to Alex about trying to burn an iTunes movie to DVD — ended up downloading the movie from torrents and sharing with her via Dropbox.

After lunch I started watching golf (Woods vs Mickelson at Pebble Beach). I was thinking it would be a good day to go golfing — sun shining but a bit windy and cool — probably not too many golfers out today. But Sue decided we would rather go to the big Methodist church on King’s Ranch Road to hear some classical guitar concert. So, of course, that’s what we did. We walked through the golf course to get there. Very nice church (we’d never been inside before). The guitarist was a professional — played some highbrow music very well. Concert ended after about 90 minutes and we went to Walgreen’s to return last night’s DVD. Then back through the golf course.

Golf was over by the time we got home. Watched 60 Minutes and barbecued big fat pork sausages to go with the beans and salad Sue made. Sue liked supper even less than I did.

Then it was time to get comfy in front of the telly and watch 5 hours of Grammy Awards. We didn’t think we’d know any of the performers, but actually the show was quite entertaining and we knew lots of the artists. They’re all getting older with us. Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Diana Krall, and a whole lot of Adelle, who won 6 grammies. And many references and tributes to Whitney Houston who died yesterday. And just like that, the day was done!